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Solar System Service

barn roof solar

Are you a homeowner or small business owner that has an existing Solar system?

  • Our company provides a variety of services to existing Solar systems of any size on any mounting method.
  • Please read below or give us a call with any questions about our services!

battery system

Are you interested in upgrading your current solar system to include battery back up? Do you want your solar panels to work if there is a power outage?

  • We offer a wide variety of batteries and charging systems, and each system is tailored to meet the energy demand of your home based on current usage.
  • Your home battery system can be installed at any size to allow your home to run off solar for multiple days if there is a utility power outage. Say goodbye to gas powered generators!

Has the company that installed your solar system gone out of business or otherwise does not provide service anymore?

  • We can upgrade legacy systems using newer technologies, including AC panels and optimized DC systems using the mounting and wiring structure already in place.
  • Our team can set you up with a one-time safety check of the system, or schedule an annual check up to ensure optimal system performance
  • We also offer inverter and panel replacement services

Is your solar system not functioning properly?  Is your inverter showing a yellow or red light?

  • We can troubleshoot problems you may have with your existing system, and can get you back up and running in as little as one day
  • If your inverter shows anything but a green light when operating, you may have an issue with your inverter or system that needs to be fixed to ensure safe and optimal function of your solar system.


Do you want to monitor your solar panels performance using a mobile app?

  • We can offer multiple options when it comes to monitoring your system. We can set you up with monitoring hardware and a mobile application that gives you access to your systems performance data, giving you piece of mind that your investment is producing what it is supposed to.
  • We also offer home energy monitoring as well! So not only can you track how much energy your panels are producing, but how much energy your lights, TV, and kitchen appliances are using! This system can monitor up to 20 circuits at one time.

Are you unsure of how the solar system works and would like a safety checkup? Have rodents caused issues with your solar system? Do you think your solar system is not producing what it is supposed to?

  • We have technicians available to do a system check-up, identify any red flags from the install, provide insight to how the system functions, and ensure your system is operating properly!

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