Providing solar installation and support to the hudson valley, Capital district, and five boroughs

Sol Providers is seeking applicants to join our Solar PV and Electrical teams installing roof and ground mounted solar systems throughout the Hudson Valley, NYC, New Jersey and surrounding areas. We are accepting applications from experienced Solar PV and Electrical installers, entry level applications for our PV installation team, as well as experienced site assessors/home visit techs. Contact us by phone or email to start your career in the booming solar industry.

Solar Installers/Site Assessors - Fishkill, NY & Englewood, NJ 



PV Team: 

• Prepare and load installation vehicles
• Organize equipment in trucks and warehouse
• Interact with customers in a friendly and polite manner
• Install Solar Panel systems within scheduled time frame and according to prepared design
• Mechanical/structural mounting of racking, modules and electrical equipment
• Use knowledge of roofing construction, general construction and/or NEC codes
• Heavy physical lifting and moving
• Assess the environment, and detect and mitigate any hazards associated with installation
• Map out where everything will go, and then place components according to those diagrams
• Seal the system against weather, using safety codes and manufacturer specifications
• Assist other employees 
• Cleanup of Job Site

Electrical Team:

• Electrical wiring of solar array/system (AC and DC) 
• Use knowledge of electrical construction and NEC codes
• Label, install, and terminate electrical wiring
• Test the system and measure grounding systems, make any adjustments to the controls
• Troubleshoot system problems and resolve electrical issues

Site Assessor: 

• Gain access to and determine structural integrity of roof framing
• Document location of the customer’s main service panel, determine panel rating/wire sizing
• Propose a suitable location for the balance of system
• Measure roof planes, obstructions, azimuth, tilt, and determine shading issues by taking Suneyes
• Photograph the entire process in a logical format
• Provide excellent customer service throughout the home visit, as well as answer any questions the homeowner may have in regard to the system


Please upload your resume or applicable document.

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